Welcome to our unique Health, Wellness and Wisdom Store. This is much more than an e commerce site. It is a site with a vision where people like you with families like yours know that every product has been personally approved by me before I allowed it to be included in the selection here.

By the way, practicing drug free medicine and psychiatry for 43 years has taught me that everything you put in your body on the road to health must be clean, pure, safe and gentle. Every purchase opportunity you embrace here supports not only your health, but your health freedom as well.

You see, I am the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, the world’s largest Health Freedom organization. Health Freedom means simply that you own your own body and you make the decisions, not some corporate or government bureaucrat, about what does, does not, may, must, must not happen to your body (and your kid’s bodies). Thanks for shopping with us.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

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